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Congratulations to all the winners of HKICC 2022

Congratulations to all the winners of HKICC 2022!!

Champion - University of Southern California

1st Runner-up - The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

2nd Runner-up - Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Finalist - University of New South Wales

We look forward to welcoming the participating teams of HKICC 2023.

Stay tuned!!


Updates on Marking Sheet & Schedule of Events

Dear teams and advisors, we have updated the following items on our website today:

1) Marking Sheet - we made a little adjustment on the “Notes” part on this year's HKICC marking sheet. A new marking sheet sample has been uploaded to our website for your reference. Please go to the "Login page" for downloading the latest version. 

2) Schedule of Events - in order to avoid any confusion, we apply the same terminology as per competition rules on this new version. Please go to the "Schedule of Events page" for downloading the latest version.

Thank you and good luck to your preparation!

Welcome to HKICC 2022

We are excited to welcome the 9 participating teams from different parts of the world to join our HKICC 2022.

The competition rules and the schedule of events have been uploaded to our website.

All student ambassadors and organizing committee members are ready to create a wonderful competition experience for you.

We look forward to welcoming you virtually in coming June!